Can You Make Hot Chocolate In An Espresso Machine? Yes/No

Are you a chocolate lover too? Chocolate lovers like me love their ice creams, cakes, milkshakes, pastries, cookies, and whatnot to be chocolate-flavored. And hot chocolate is no exception.

It lights up your mood when you’re feeling low and warms you up when you’re feeling cold, that’s what a hot chocolate does. But while having an espresso machine, you might have wondered whether you can make hot chocolate in an espresso machine.

Having an espresso machine is one of the best things you can own, and the cherry on top is that, YES, it can also make hot chocolate for you. So pack up yourself, because we are learning how to make hot chocolate in an espresso machine.

What is Hot Chocolate?

Before we proceed, let’s first get to know what actually is hot chocolate. So basically, hot chocolate is a hot drink made from milk/water, powdered chocolate/chocolate syrup, and sweeteners such as sugar.

You also find hot chocolate drink topped with cocoa powder, cinnamon stick, marshmallows, whipped cream, and many more. Also, for my spicy readers, you get a spiced version of this drink called the “chocolate para mesa” and various other thicker and thinner versions.

This universal drink is relished by everyone, no matter the age. You find adults craving for this drink as well as children yearning for the same.

So being one of the favorite hot drinks, many of you might even try your hands to prepare it at home. Now let us make a hot chocolate drink at our home using the espresso machine.

Guide To Making Hot Chocolate in An Espresso Machine:

As I’ve cleared to you that you can make hot chocolate in an espresso machine, but is it that easy? You might think you just have to pour cocoa powder instead of the coffee grounds and start the brewing process, but nah!!

If you do so, your expensive espresso machine will end up clogged because of the cocoa powder and your hot chocolate will be too strong and bitter. Neither your espresso machine nor your hot chocolate will turn out good.

Or what usually happens is that due to the high fat content in cocoa powder, it remains in the pipes which might get mixed up with the coffee grounds the next time you make coffee.

So what’s the alternate method to make hot chocolate using an espresso machine? It is to make hot chocolate using the milk frother and steam wand of your espresso machine.

What will you need?

A milk frother, milk, cocoa powder and your treasured mug.

How to make it?

All you need to do is:

 STEP 01: Pour 125 grams of cold milk in the milk pitcher and add 25 grams of cocoa powder into it. (If you’re using hot chocolate mix, then use room-temperature milk, otherwise you see lumps being formed in the milk).

STEP 02: Stir the milk and cocoa powder well until mixed together properly and the cocoa powder completely dissolved.

STEP 03: Insert the steam wand into the milk and keep the milk pitcher at an angle. Start steaming and moving the frother in a circular motion, forming a whirlpool.

STEP 04: Next, keep an eye on the milk so that as soon as it has reached the ideal consistency, you can stop the steaming process. Or you can stop the process, when the pitcher becomes too hot to touch. Your hot chocolate is now ready! But remember an important thing, before you pour it into the mug, tamp the mixture on the counter or shake it to get rid of the bubbles.

STEP 05: What’s next? The most awaited moment is here. Pour the hot chocolate in your mug and top it with what you like such as marshmallows, cocoa powder, whipped cream, and the like. Also, add some sweeteners to make it drinkable, because only cocoa powder makes it bitter.

Note: If you’re using chocolate syrup, then add it directly to the mug and not to the milk pitcher.

And you know what?! When you add a shot or two of espresso to this hot chocolate drink, voila! It becomes a caffe mocha. I see, the espresso machine has proved to be of great benefit to you. It’s very handy as you can make various types of espressos, coffees and even hot chocolate with it.

Moreover, when it comes to a pod espresso machine such as Nespresso and L’OR, you can still make hot chocolate. Just add the hot chocolate flavored pod into your pod machine, and there you go, you have it in your mug in no time.                                                                                                      

Alternate Ways To Make Hot Chocolate:

If you don’t have an espresso machine, but still want to make hot chocolate at home, then continue reading.

  • Using a Pan: Add milk, cocoa powder/hot chocolate mixture, and sugar into the pan and keep it on the stove, steaming and stirring until it reaches the perfect consistency. Pour it into your cup topped with sprinklers and other colorful, tasty toppings.
  • Using a Capsule Espresso Machine: Fill the water tank with cold water, insert the hot chocolate flavored capsule into it, and start the brewing process. The hot chocolate will be in your cup in a moment. Time to enjoy it!
  • Using a Drip Coffee Maker: Fill the water reservoir with water, add cocoa powder/hot chocolate mixture in the coffee carafe, start the coffee maker and stir it occasionally. Now, wait for the cycle to complete and pour it in your mug.
  • Using a French Press: Heat some water until slightly boiled, add cocoa powder in the French Press and pour hot water over it. Stir it well and let it sit for around 5 minutes before you pour it into your mug. Your hot chocolate is ready to drink with additional toppings!

These were some alternate ways to make hot chocolate at your home. Alongside, you can also try to be creative with it by adding a pinch of chilly powder to make it spicy, a few drops of peppermint to make it minty, a pinch of salt to make it slightly salted, or a spoon of peanut butter to make it nutty and creamy.

These were only a few variants, but I’m sure the chef in you can make much better versions of these. So get in your jim-jams and relish on your home-made hot chocolate.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Does hot chocolate taste good with a shot of espresso?

Yes, hot chocolate tastes yummy with a shot of espresso if you love coffee. Moreover, it’s called caffe mocha. The sweet, caramelly taste of chocolate and the slight kick of bold espresso notes just make the perfect blend. They make the perfect combination and give subtle flavours of chocolate and espresso together.

  • Can you use cocoa powder in an espresso machine instead of coffee grounds?

Yes, you can use roasted, finely ground cocoa powder in your espresso machine, but it is more likely to make your espresso machine clogged. Moreover, it leaves its traces, and the next time you’re up for an espresso, you see the cocoa powder still in the espresso machine being mixed with your coffee.

  • What other milk variants can you use to make hot chocolate?

It is not important that you should only use cow milk to make hot chocolate. You can also use other variants of milk such as soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk, and other plant-based milk options to prepare hot chocolate.

  • Are hot chocolate flavoured coffee capsules available?

Yes, there are many companies producing hot chocolate flavoured coffee capsules that are compatible with Nespresso and Nescafe Dolce Gusto. Some of these capsules are Nespresso Podisto, Galaxy, Tassimo, Twix, Super Miss Hot Chocolate Pods, Nescafe Dolce Gusto Chococino, and many more.

  • Which are the best coffee makers for hot chocolates?

Some of the best coffee makers for preparing hot chocolates are Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker, De’Longhi Dinamica Automatic Espresso Machine, Breville Nespresso, Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System, and Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine.

Wrapping Up:

So now can you make hot chocolate in an espresso machine? Yes, you can definitely make one. Trying out something new and seeing it turn out good is something that we yearn for.

And following the methods of making hot chocolate mentioned in this article will absolutely help you in making a delicious and creamy mug of hot chocolate. So have a chocolaty delight and a chocolaty blast in a cozy corner of your home!

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