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What Is a Double Espresso – What You Need to Know?

If you are a coffee lover, then you might want to know what a double espresso is. Probably, you would have heard the term espresso by now, and even had one. Maybe some of you might be drinking an espresso on a regular basis as well.

We want to take it one step further and introduce to you, what a double espresso is, and how many ounces of caffeine are there, and so on. Once you have finished this post, you would become an espresso expert.

Keep reading to understand & learn more about this delicious drink from Italy, called the double espresso. If you haven’t tried it yet, we can assure it can become an addiction for you.

What is a single espresso?

First, we must know what a single espresso shot is. An espresso or single-shot espresso consists of coffee that is highly concentrated in hot water. Then this mixture goes through tamped coffee powder.

The result gives a rich, highly caffeinated, and good cup of coffee. In this case, the single shot usually is 64mg of caffeine.

What is a double espresso?

A double espresso contains 2 shots of a single espresso. So, we have twice the contents placed inside your coffee cup. That would come around to 128mg of caffeine or double the amount of a single espresso.

How to brew espresso?

You can brew an espresso with an espresso machine as you can’t prepare one using your hands, and you require a decent machine to do that. You should take 22 grams of finely ground coffee and mix it with hot water.

The process takes around 25-30 seconds, before providing you with intense flavor and color. This coffee brewing method uses less liquid. The resulting drink is quite rich in texture, flavor, and intensity because of the low amount of water used in it.

Intense coffee flavor is something that coffee lovers around the world might prefer having. Besides, it is an acquired taste.

How can you drink a double espresso?

You can take double espresso or doppio (in Italian) as you prefer to. Some people like to guzzle it down in a single or double take, while some take their time, and take a few sips. This entirely depends on your tastes and drinking habits.

There is something called a pre-infusion process before you can notice the drinking pouring out of the machine. You can see milliliters of dense, thick, and highly textured liquid, that gets added to water to make the liquid weaker.

First, you need to gently stir your espresso using a small spoon provided along with the drink. Then you can drink your espresso as you have evenly balanced it. This also ensures you have all the elements present inside your drink.

Some of you may like to drink it without stirring. You can do that but, it the espresso can taste stronger than preferred. However, we suggest you drink the espresso quickly as possible as soon as it is brewed.

That retains the freshness. You do not want to let go cold or leave it for a few minutes. You must have your espressos nice & hot. That is the specialty about it after all, and what is the point, if you miss out on that?

Is the double espresso a healthy choice?

The strongest coffee drink that you can consume is the double espresso. Of course, you also have the double ristretto. That means you are a coffee-lover. It is not surprising that many people have consumed a double espresso and the latte and then fallen in love with coffee.

These drinks have the ability to take the coffee drink in a completely different league altogether. Besides, not all baristas or cafes can provide you with the right kind of flavor, texture, and aroma.

That is why you may want to try it out for the first time with a reputed barista to get the flavor and taste of it. You may want to look out for the notes when sipping the double espresso. Sometimes, the first drink might taste very bitter & strong.

Can you make a double espresso at home?

When you own an espresso machine, then you can prepare double espresso at home itself. You may know by now that the single espresso shot requires 8 grams of ground coffee. With the double espresso, it is double, 16 grams.

You need to make sure that the coffee beans are ground to the right consistency. You see the right consistency matters a lot here. Moreover, you would want to make two separate amounts of ground beans to place inside your tamper & portafilter.

Now, you are ready to begin the process and can press the button to start. You can notice the first batch of the drink pouring out. You need to just repeat the second time, for a double espresso drink.

You can add sugar or milk according to your taste. Most of the espresso machines come with a milk frother, which you can use and add a double shot of it into your drink. Doing that makes it into a latte, cappuccino, or any espresso-based milk drink.

How to order a double espresso?

Supposing you prefer drinking your coffee or double espresso in an authentic Italian café, then you can do so. It would be nice to sound Italian as well using the term doppio, which means double in the Italian language.

Please do note that most cafés and baristas, usually offer you with a double espresso, so you may not need to mention it. Like most popular drinks, this one does not have a proper recipe because it varies from individual to individual.

While some like it as dark, thick, and flavorful, some like it light, milky, and aromatic. So, you need to decide on your drink after consuming it a few times. A double espresso means two shots of a single espresso shot, and contains two times the amount of coffee.


What is a double espresso coffee?

A double espresso coffee contains two espresso shots that are given to you in a single serving. This results in a stronger flavor, a darker color, and a heavy taste. The drink is suitable mainly for coffee lovers. Besides, it is an acquired taste.

Is double espresso stronger than coffee?

Since the double espresso contains one-third more caffeine than the usual coffee that you drink, it is much more powerful than that. It also depends on the kind of coffee bean, roast, and grind that you are doing on the coffee machine. Of course, the model of your coffee machine will decide on the eventual result as well.

What is considered a double shot of espresso?

The accurate double shot of espresso is the one that makes use of 14 grams of coffee and can produce 60ml of espresso. This is around 2 liquid ounces for you. It is not surprising to note that double espresso is commonly served by many baristas and coffee shops in the United States.

Why drink espresso instead of coffee?

Italians are quite healthy, and there is a reason for that. Apart from the cheese and wine, they consume more espressos that are freshly ground at home itself. So, espresso is a healthier option than coffee and you may have 2-3 shots in a day.

How to say double espresso in Italian?

If you are somebody who loves drinking espressos, then it is good to know the local dialect as well. In Italian, a double espresso is known as a doppio, which means double. So, if you are in Italy, then they mostly offer you a double shot of espresso.


We have ended our discussion on what is a double espresso. We hope that you liked what you read and will get your next shot of healthy double espresso today. As we read, the double espresso can be easily prepared at home as well.

There is no need to visit the corner coffee shop or barista and waste your money when you can prepare it at home using a top-notch coffee machine.

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