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[2023] Best Commercial Coffee Machines For Your Coffee Shop

Is choosing a good coffee machine for your business important? Yes, it’s the most vital aspect of a profitable business. Buying a coffee machine that gives an excellent user experience and is durable is a thoughtful decision. If you want to satisfy your customers and make them regular ones, then buying a good coffee machine is very important. The quality of your brew, its taste, and texture leave a lasting impact on the taste buds and tongue.

But it is not just customer satisfaction that is necessary, the machine should also be user-friendly and easy to use. Dealing with a complicated machine might create chaos, but a simple one will also make you happy along with the customers. In this article, you will have a complete guide to the 5 best commercial coffee machines that are compatible and are sure to suit your preferences. Let’s get straight into it.

Buying Guide – Factors that should be considered before buying a commercial coffee machine:

Considering the points below will help you in making a good buying decision.

Machine Type:

The type of machine that you prefer is the first thing that affects your buying decision. If you have a small business and you like to craft coffee into different forms and textures, a manual machine is best for you. But if you have a medium-sized café or coffee shop, then a semi-automatic coffee machine suits your needs as most of the work is done automatically and the rest is controlled by the barista.

Automatic machines are used when you have customers visiting your coffee shop continuously and you keep serving cups of coffee consistently. In this case, you can also buy a super-automatic coffee machine that doesn’t need a trained barista to operate it.

Ease of Use:

No doubt customer satisfaction is what matters at the end of the day, but ease of use of the commercial coffee machine is also essential. The machine that you buy should be easy to use and you don’t have to give training sessions to your barista every now and then. And another thing to note is that it doesn’t mean that the more buttons the coffee machine has, the more complicated it is, this isn’t true. They might be the easiest ones. However, buy the one that you find simple to understand and use.

Machine Quality (Features):

The build quality does matter, but how smoothly the machine functions is one of the main factors to be considered before buying a commercial coffee machine. You should consider features such as auto-fill water boiler, solid particle filter, auto-on/off, temperature control, in-built volumetric motor pump and those that you feel are essential as per your business needs. Its smooth functioning and durability will affect the business in the long run.


The size of the machine and it’s volume is based on your coffee business’s volume. The more coffee cups you serve per day, the bigger machine you will need. A low-volume machine is better when you’re producing between 50-200 cups per day. But in case of serving 500 cups and more per day, a high-volume coffee machine will be great. If you’re planning to expand your business, you can purchase a high-volume machine replacing the small one, or just add another low-volume machine.


Your budget is also a significant consideration. Remember that an expensive coffee machine does not promise to give you the best features. However, if a machine is costing more than your budget, then buy it even if it costs you a few more bucks because this is a one-time investment and is obvious to pay you back.

5 Best Commercial Coffee Machines

Whether you’ve just started a coffee business, or you’re planning to expand it, or want to replace your old coffee machine, the below-mentioned coffee machines suit all your purposes.

1. La Pavoni Bar T2V-B

Do you want to save your time and switch to an electric pump that is quick? Choose La Pavoni Bar T2V-B to get an electric pump that is quick and saves much of your precious time and work, this feature is unlike any other found in other coffee machines. Though it gives you an internal electric pump, you can also ask for an external installation from the company.

Moreover, for your safety, there is an installation of an anti-vacuum valve. This valve prevents the cylinder within the machine from collapsing due to pressure. Alongside, there’s a water softener that measures the hardness level of water and tries to make it soft, giving the coffee the best taste. But in case you don’t install the water softener, you won’t get any warranty on the machine.

La Pavoni Bar T2V-B has a 14 litres copper boiler with transversal heat exchangers and a hot water tap along with a flexible jet. Furthermore, for the smooth and successful operation of the coffee machine, there’s a built-in double-scale gauge that helps you monitor the pump and control the boiler pressure.


  • It comes with a digital control pad and microprocessor as it is an electronic programmable dosing espresso machine.
  • The coffee machine is available in beautiful colours such as ruby red, metal gray, and golden black that will match your coffee shop’s background.
  • La Pavoni Bar T2V-B is equipped with a double-scale gauge to control the boiler pressure and for pumping.
  • The groups are made with press-forged brass and are chrome plated.
  • It is a fully automatic machine with buttons to start and program it.
  • The electric pump of La Pavoni T2V-B is quick and helps the barista serve the coffee cups without much delay.

Pros & Cons


  • Installation of an anti-vacuum valve.
  • A quick automatic electric pump is available.
  • You can control the water level with the help of a sight glass.
  • Is very simple to use


  • Warranty can be claimed only when the water softener is installed.

2. Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II

This model, Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II comes with programmable options that lets you prepare the coffee beverage as per the customer’s demands. The duration of the extraction process i.e. a longer shot or a shorter one can also be controlled.

A 14/17 liter copper heat exchange boiler helps you to brew and steam at the same time and speeds up your coffee-producing process, thereby leaving the customers with happy faces. Alongside, this machine is best suited for tall cups, as it has raised group heads.

And for the baristas to see properly and know the colour and consistency of their drinks, LED lights illuminate the work area. After preparing all the drinks, when it’s time to clean, the machine can ease your task with its self-cleaning systems. It also has a power-saving mode to save power and reduce the carbon footprint.


  • It has a mirror that shows the barista the entire brewing process.
  • The boiler indicates water levels, easing the work of the barista and ensuring the work to be done properly.
  • There’s a gooseneck steam wand that reads the temperatures of milk and automatically stops once the desired temperature is reached.
  • With the bar pump gauge, it displays the pressure applied to pump the brew.
  • To avoid burns it has a cool touch steam wand specifically designed.

Pros & Cons


  • Is suitable for beginner-level baristas.
  • Works for high-volume cafes.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.


  • Fewer colour options.

3. Keurig K-2500 Commercial Coffee Maker

With a direct plumbing connection, Keurig K-2500 coffee maker serves the best coffee to its customers customised as per their preferences. Available in cup sizes of 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 oz, it brews coffee quietly without much disturbance to you or your customers. Along with being quiet, it brews only within 60 seconds. Your customers will now leave your coffee shop with smiling faces.

When your customers prefer a bold coffee, you have the option of “strong brew” with which you can make a bold, robust cup of joe. And when all the servings are done, and it’s time to close your coffee shop, you have to clean your coffee machine, and Keurig makes it easier for you with its wipeable non-porous surfaces.

There’s no need for you to make another heavy investment in another coffee machine any sooner as you can extend your coffee maker’s life with its six serviceable modules. It also has a high-resolution touchscreen display with a screensaver mode that avoids any kind of screen damage.


  • Has a direct plumbing connection to the water line, in case you don’t want the plumbing, you can buy one with 110 oz. water tank.
  • The brewing instructions are available in many languages, making it convenient for people of different ethnicities.
  • The brewer meets the cleaning standards of NSF-4 (National Sanitation Foundation)
  • The machine is very fast and your brew will be ready to drink only within 60 seconds.
  • It’s versatile, yet flexible as the barista can customise the brew as regards its taste, strength, and quantity.
  • Keurig K-2500 is ideal for medium-to-large-sized coffee businesses.

Pros & Cons


  • Has a direct connection to the waterline.
  • Doesn’t make too much noise while brewing.
  • Can control the strength of the brew.


  • No milk frother

4. La Pavoni Bar Star

La Pavoni Bar Star is the ideal commercial coffee machine for small-to-medium-sized coffee shops. The design of the coffee machine is elegant with a ruby red body and a classy finish. The busy mornings at your cafe doesn’t only mean that you need to be quick, but the quality of the coffee that you serve also matters. And with La Pavoni Bar Star, you don’t just increase your speed but also serve tasty and high-quality coffee to your customers.

As stated above, this machine is equipped with volumetric electronic programming dosing that helps the barista manage the perfect consistency of the coffee by setting the accurate amount of water to pull each shot of espresso. Moreover, you can also manage the brewing duration based on the preferences of the customer and select between 4 cup size options.

Other than these wonderful features, what La Pavoni Bar Star coffee machine is usually known for is its iron-free copper boiler that can hold up to 14 litres of water at once. This boiler prevents the growth of bacteria and conserves energy. Also, it lets you serve many cups of coffee per day without having to worry about the water quantity.


  • Two group heads are available in the machine, thus helping the barista prepare two different types of drinks simultaneously.
  • What is better than keeping your coffee hot? With an electrical cup warmer, the machine keeps your coffee hot so you don’t have to receive complaints from your customer about the coffee getting cooled before serving.
  • Its pre-infusion feature helps you to get a balanced extraction of espresso with the best taste and exact crema on the top.
  • If your electricity bills are soaring, then La Pavoni Bar Star is for you because it reduces the consumption of electrical power by 33% during off-hours.
  • Hardness of the water will spoil the flavour of your espresso or coffee. Hence, to maintain its delicious taste, a water softener is fitted in this machine that eliminates ions of calcium and magnesium.
  • During the brewing process, the temperature may make or break your coffee. With a temperature stability feature, this machine ensures a constant temperature throughout the brewing process.

Pros & Cons


  • Ease of use and control.
  • Large iron-free copper boiler.
  • Power saving mode.
  • High-quality coffee is extracted.


  • Is expensive.

5. Gaggia Classic Pro

With a stainless steel body, Gaggia Classic Pro looks handsome and cool. To make it look more attractive, you can choose from a lovely range of colours including Cherry Red, Classic Blue, Industrial Gray, Polar White, and Thunder Black. With all these hue options, you can easily match this machine to your café’s aesthetics.

Apart from its appearance, the coffee maker also provides unique features. As frothing milk to get microfoam wasn’t possible in the previous models, with upgrades, it has now become possible in Gaggia Classis Pro, allowing you to make latte art.

Its solenoid valve is great for cleaning purposes as it helps to remove excess water to ensure that it remains dry. Also, the machine uses a solid brass group so you don’t have to worry about the coating entering your coffee drink and making you sick. And the barista has a safe brew ready to serve only within five minutes.


  • Gives you a warranty of two years on the coffee machine.
  • It has a removable drip tray that can hold any extra dribbles once it is full and prevent spills from spoiling your surface.
  • There’s a pressurised basket that helps you give the perfect texture to your coffee.
  • It is now easier to check the water levels as there’s a cutout by the reservoir.
  • Gaggia Classic Pro has the capacity to make over 500 cups of coffee per day.
  • Has a stainless steel body and most of its parts are also made of stainless steel material.

Pros & Cons


  • Automatically froths milk.
  • Direct plumbing is available.
  • It is user-friendly.


  • Price is high compared to its competitors.
  • Drip tray is small.


  • Which is the best commercial coffee machine?

La Marzocco Classis S is the best commercial coffee machine available in the market today. Though it might cost you more as it is expensive, it is worth it. The machine is beloved to baristas out there and what else matters than a good coffee making experience. You should purchase this product without any second thought.

  • How much do commercial coffee machines cost?

Commercial coffee machines range from $1000 to $19000. The price depends on various factors such as the features that the machine provides, it’s design, size, and build-quality. However, the coffee machine brand that you choose will also impact the price.

  • How long do commercial coffee machines last?

Machines of different brands have different lifespans. However, generally, a commercial coffee machine will survive for up to 7 to 10 years with regular use. And if the machine is of exceptionally good quality, there are chances that it may function for 10 to 15 years.

  • What are the best brands of commercial coffee machines?

Some of the best brands of commercial coffee machines that have been producing machines for years are La Marzocco, Nuova Simonelli, Sanremo, Slayer, Ascaso, Rancilio, La Pavoni, Victoria Arduino, and Polaris. These brands let you select coffee machines whether it is for large business or a small coffee house.


Choosing a commercial coffee machine may be a tricky decision, but this article will help you select the machine that suits your café. The 5 best commercial coffee machines in this article will meet all your requirements. Every machine has its advantages and disadvantages, go with the one that is suitable for your coffee shop and that which makes your work easier and not overburden you.

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