best automatic pour over coffee machine

Best Automatic Pour-Over Coffee Maker

In this fast-growing world, with time shortage, brewing on manual methods is odd, and you may be tired of waiting for your coffee to brew for a long. The cutting-edge coffee maker offers the art of pour-over brewing automatically to your countertop, ensuring barista-quality coffee without any hassle. The inventors have featured it to combine the precision, programmability, and convenience of automation to make a perfect coffee. 

The automatic pour-over coffee maker is an amazing machine with many features that set it apart from the competition. First, its advanced brewing technology offers optimal extraction and a unique showerhead design that distributes water over the coffee grounds. After testing, I discovered the unrivaled experience of the best automatic pour-over coffee maker in 2023.

I have reviewed the seven best automatic pour-over machines that offer incredible results. 

I say welcome you to the realm of the best automatic pour-over coffee maker reviews, where the pour-over brewing meets modern convenience.

 Let’s delve into the remarkable features! 

Buyer’s Guide: What is the Best Automatic Pour-over Coffee Maker in 2023?

An automatic pour-over coffee maker is essential for a coffee lover to give a high-quality cup of coffee without any effort. It offers a convenient way of automatic brewing with precision and ensuring the best flavor profile. This buyer guide will help you explore the important factors before buying the best pour-over coffee maker.


Do you want a peaceful brewing without any mess and fuss? A programmable pour-over coffee maker is the first and foremost key feature of buying the machine. It can do everything for you; just click a button and be ready! 

Choose the coffee makers with programmable features, such as brewing time, water temperature, and other variables. You may create the flavor profile you want and improve your coffee brewing experience by using customization options.

Brewing Method and Time

Every brewing method has different extraction of coffee. Suppose the pour-over coffee maker work on slow extraction, controlled hot water over coffee grounds to give the best flavor profile. On the other hand, drip brewing extracts the coffee quickly and gives a different profile. 

If you buy an automatic machine determining the controlled water temperature, flow rate, and bloom time is crucial. To guarantee the best possible extraction and flavor, look for models that accurately regulate these factors.

Brewing time refers to when water remains in contact with the ground coffee. If this time is too short, it will be unable to produce a delicious blend, or If water stays for a long time, it will taste bitter. However, Pour-over coffee machines that automatically adjust the brewing duration often let you fine-tune the extraction procedure for the best results.

You must check the brewing time of the machine before buying, which keeps the time in balance.

Water Temperature Control

Temperature control is another crucial factor before buying a suitable automatic pour-over machine. Temperature plays an important role in the coffee’s solubility, extraction, consistency, and taste. To avoid over and under-extraction, accurate temperature control, ideally between 195°F and 205°F (90°C and 96°C), ensures a perfect flavor in your coffee.

Capacity and Size

Investing too much for a small family or less for a large coffee drinker is not wise. You must be concerned about how many cups of coffee you must take for a day or at a time. If you are a single coffee lover, a smaller size with a little capacity is good to consider. But if you have large coffee gatherings or family, you may prefer models with larger carafes. 

Additionally, It is important to note that the model you select fits your kitchen counter or designated space.

Filters and Carafes

Consider the type of filters used by the coffee maker. Some models use paper filters, while others have permanent or metal filters. You can choose according to your feasibility. 

There are two types of carafes available one is glass, and the other one is thermal. Both are good options. Glass carafe helps to determine the quantity of the coffee, but brittle on the other side, a thermal carafe keeps your coffee warm for a long time and is better to choose. However, everyone has a choice; you can consider what suits you better. 

Additionally, to guarantee that the carafe or coffee pot keeps the temperature and flavor of your coffee, examine its quality and durability.

Maintenance and Cleaning

For hassle-free brewing, consider coffee makers with removable parts that are easy to clean and maintain. Ensure the cleaning process is straightforward to maintain the machine’s performance and longevity.

Additional Features

I couldn’t spend extra time brewing my coffee in my busy routine, although I’m a coffee addict. I found some other features in the automatic coffee maker for pour-over that would be better to consider. Opt for a product with built-in grinders, adjustable bloom times, and water volume control.

Additionally, you must check the Amazon reviews and the machine’s reputation. The positive reviews will help you in this case. 

Price and Warranty

Setting a budget before searching the market for a product is the most crucial factor to consider. Although expensive versions could have more cutting-edge features and longer durability, there are still reasonably priced choices. To be sure you are protected in the event of any faults or defects, check the warranty information.

Best Pour Over Automatic Coffee Makers Reviews in 2023

Here is the list of popular brands like Ninja, Bunn, OXO and others that offer various features according to the customer choice. I have tested them and reviewed that will help you to make an efficient investment. Have a read on them!

1. Ninja CM401 Specialty 10-Cup Coffee Maker

After getting bored to pod things, I tested the Ninja CM401 and won for the best pour-over automatic coffee maker. With its impressive features, including multiple brew styles, a built-in water reservoir, a fold-away frother, and a glass carafe, this coffee maker aims to provide a delightful coffee brewing experience. Depending on my mood and needs, I fulfill my coffee cravings by brewing a cup, an iced coffee, or the whole carafe and froth my cream with the built-in frothier

Its integrated, fold-away frother is a great innovation that elevates my coffee-drinking experience. This feature allows me to create beautiful lattes, macchiatos, and cappuccinos easily. Pulse, you can also detach the frother, ensuring simple cleaning.

It has various drawbacks, including not keeping the coffee warm for a long time and the water staying in the reservoir, which is disappointing. However, Compared to other brands, the CM401 stands out for its unique combination of pour-over brewing, customizable options, and integrated frother, making it an excellent choice for coffee enthusiasts.

Reason to buy this product

The Ninja CM401 10-Cup Coffee Maker lets you delight in the finest coffee. This coffee maker offers unmatched convenience and the capacity to perfectly customize your coffee experience thanks to its useful features like programmed brewing and customizable choices.

With the Ninja CM401, you may improve your morning routine and enjoy the delicious flavor of skilfully prepared coffee.

2. OXO Brew 9-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

Having used the OXO Brew 9 Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker, I can confidently say it is integral to my morning routine.

One of the standout features of the OXO Brew is its ability to deliver a perfect brew consistently. It offers ideal brewing conditions for great flavor extraction. I admire the level of care OXO put into developing this coffee machine.

The double-walled carafe keeps the coffee hot without compromising flavor, and the water reservoir’s clear markings make it easy to fill with water. This coffee machine suits my preferences by providing strength and volume control settings. 

Although it is mostly similar to its previous model, named OXO Brew 8 cups, this OXO barista brain coffee maker offers, which is more expensive than this. Still, it offers Jug, Programmabliliy, thermal, and timer to produce a consistent coffee.

Although this coffee maker performs exceptionally well, it’s vital to note a few shortcomings. Changing the grind size and quantity can necessitate reprogramming, which could be a slight nuisance.

Additionally, those with little counter spaces might find the machine’s bigger size unsuitable.

Reason to buy this product

The OXO Brew 9 Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker is a great device with amazing performance and quality. I’m glad to use this coffee maker for its brewing speed, automatic pour-over, time, and temperature that keep the coffee warm for a long time. I heartily appreciate this coffee maker to anybody wishing to take their brewing to new heights. 

3. BUNN CSB2B Speed Brew Elite 10-Cup Coffee Maker

I have had the pleasure of utilizing the BUNN CSB2B Speed Brew Elite 10-Cup Coffee Maker, and it has certainly beyond my expectations as a devoted coffee drinker. With its amazing brewing capabilities, this coffee maker has rapidly become necessary for my morning routine.

It maintains a full 70 ounces of water consistently hot and prepared for brewing thanks to its internal commercial-grade stainless steel hot water tank. This implies I can enjoy a hot cup of coffee with only a quick lid flip.

It has a water level indicator, so I can precisely calculate how much water I need for my brew. It guarantees consistency and gets rid of any uncertainty.

The BUNN Speed Brew Elite also has a switch-activated warming plate that maintains the ideal serving temperature for my coffee so I can enjoy every cup to the fullest.

It’s crucial to note the BUNN Speed Brew Elite’s minor shortcomings despite its amazing speed and ease. It takes up more counter space because it is a bigger coffee maker. Second, because it doesn’t have programmable features, manual operation is required. However, compared to BUNN BX Speed Brew, it is budget-friendly and has dishwasher parts that make it easy to use. 

Reason to buy this product

The BUNN CSB2B Speed Brew Elite 10-Cup Coffee Maker is the best automated pour-over coffee maker, to sum it up. It is a great option for people seeking a hassle-free and tasty coffee experience. It is unquestionably a brewing option for coffee lovers who appreciate efficiency, speed, and quality.

4. Ninja DCM201CP Programmable Coffee Maker 

The Ninja DCM201CP Programmable XL 14-Cup Coffee Maker PRO is the best automated pour-over coffee maker since it combines convenience, adaptability, and excellent performance.

The Ninja DCM201CP’s capacity to brew coffee in two distinct ways—Classic and Rich—is one of its notable features. This coffee maker regularly produces great results as I can adjust the taste to my preferences using the custom brew strength choices.

For making large quantities of coffee for family and friends, the generous 14-cup carafe is ideal. It saves time by eliminating the requirement for several brewing sessions. 

This pro device is more budget-friendly and convenient than its competitor Cuisinart DCC-3200CPAMZ. It also has a warming plate with three temperature settings, another feature of the Ninja DCM201CP that keeps my coffee hot for up to 4 hours without compromising flavor. Plus, Its detachable parts make it the perfect choice amongst its competitors. 

Despite the Ninja DCM201CP’s many benefits, it’s also vital to note a few drawbacks. The coffee maker’s size could be big for smaller kitchens and require a lot of counter space. 

Reason to buy this product

The Ninja DCM201CP Programmable XL 14-Cup Coffee Maker PRO  meets the demands of coffee lovers due to its two brewing types, huge capacity, hotter brewing technology, and different programmed options. Therefore, the Ninja DCM201CP is a wise purchase for individuals who value a well-made cup of coffee with the ease of programmability and customization. 

5. Tribest Shine Kitchen Co. Autopour SCH-150 Automatic Pour-Over Coffee Machine

Tribest Shine Kitchen Co. Autopour SCH-150 Automatic Pour Over Coffee Machine has improved my brewing abilities significantly. This creative coffee maker’s simplicity, accuracy, and mobility make it necessary for coffee drinkers on the road.

One of the Autopour SCH-150’s standout features is the double-wall glass carafe. It keeps your coffee hot for a long time and protects your fingertips from heat. 

The machine’s pre-measured fill lines are an additional practical feature. This removes the guesswork and makes brewing cup after cup quick, easy, and precise. The included filter basket and pre-measured scoop can easily match the suggested ground coffee-to-water ratio without a scale. 

Despite the Autopour SCH-150’s many benefits, it’s also vital to note a few drawbacks. The battery-operated design’s requirement for frequent battery replacements may be troublesome for certain users. The pour-over procedure could take a little longer than conventional drip coffee makers.

Reason to buy this product

The Tribest Shine Kitchen Co. Autopour SCH-150 automated Pour Over Coffee Machine combines mobility, accuracy, and ease of use and is a fantastic automated pour-over coffee maker. It is a wise purchase for coffee lovers who value the simplicity and accuracy of an automated pour-over machine. 

6. Mr. Coffee BVMC-PO19B All-in-One Pour Over Coffee Maker, 6 Cups, Black

The Mr. Coffee BVMC-PO19B All-in-One Pour-Over Coffee Maker is a game-changer. As a coffee lover who has personally experienced the wonders of this machine, I can say that it provides a convenient and delicious pour-over coffee experience.

The built-in auto-measure scale is one of this coffee maker’s most notable features. It calculates the perfect amount of coffee and water required. 

Another notable feature of this coffee maker is the gooseneck kettle with temperature control. It ensures the coffee beans are perfectly soaked by heating the water to the ideal brewing temperature. 

Depending on the serving size, Mr. Coffee BVMC-PO19B may prepare 2, 4, or 6 cups of coffee. The dripper, kettle, and scale are all included in the package.

It’s crucial to note that this coffee maker does not come with a warming plate. The lack of a warming plate may not bother some people, while others may want their pour-over coffee heated only slightly. 

Reason to buy this product

Mr. Coffee BVMC-PO19B All-in-One Pour-Over Coffee Maker provides a simple and practical approach for users to experience the ideal pour-over coffee at home. The Mr. Coffee BVMC-PO19B is unquestionably a machine to consider if you’re searching for an automated pour-over coffee maker that constantly produces delicious drinks. 

7. Bonavita 5 Cup Drip Coffee Maker Machine

The Bonavita 5 Cup Drip Coffee Maker BV1500TS stands out as a dependable and effective option for making the ideal cup of pour-over coffee. As a coffee lover who has tried this machine firsthand, I can state that it produces excellent results and simplifies brewing.

First off, the BV1500TS’s double-wall glass carafe keeps your coffee hotter for longer while shielding your fingers from the heat. With this function, you may enjoy each drink without worrying that the coffee will cool down too fast.

One-touch pour-over brewing makes this coffee maker unique. With this automation, you are free to pursue other interests while having the assurance that your next cup of pour-over coffee will be perfect.

Even though this coffee maker has many advantages, it’s vital to note a few drawbacks. With its reduced capacity, the BV1500TS can brew up to 5 cups. Those who require more coffee might not find this to be optimal. The device also lacks modern features like programmability or an integrated grinder. However, these drawbacks pale compared to how well the BV1500TS performs at its primary task of generating superb pour-over coffee.

Reason to buy this product

The Bonavita 5 Cup Drip Coffee Maker BV1500TS is an excellent automated pour-over maker that makes excellent coffee. It delivers ease and accuracy in every cup with its double-wall glass carafe, one-touch pour-over brewing, and pre-measured fill lines. The BV1500TS is smart if you’re searching for a dependable and effective automatic pour-over coffee maker. 

Informational Section: What is an Automatic Pour-over Coffee Maker? 

An automatic pour-over coffee maker is a brewing device that works like the manual pour-over method.  It is the process of coffee preparation while automating the process. It is an advanced method with the availability of a water reservoir, carafe, heating element, showerhead, and filter basket.

The water in this kind of coffee maker is heated to the ideal brewing temperature. Then, in a manner that resembles a manual pour-over, it evenly distributes it over the coffee grinds using the showerhead. With little effort and reliable results, this produces a cup of coffee that is delicious and well-extracted.

How to Make the Best Pour-Over Coffee? 

Here are the steps to make a perfect cup of coffee.

Required Ingredients: Pour-over coffee dripper, a paper filter, freshly roasted coffee beans, a grinder, a kettle for hot water, a scale, and a timer.

Step 1) Heat the water and let it cool for 30 seconds to 1 minute until it reaches the optimal temperature of 195-205°F (90-96°C).

Step 2) Grind your coffee beans and sugar to a medium-fine consistency so that it doesn’t affect the brewing time and extraction.

Step 3) Preheat the apparatus. After placing the paper filter in the dripper and giving it a hot water rinse to get rid of any remaining paper flavor. Then, throw away the rinsing water.

Step 4) Weigh out the desired amount of coffee to make a perfect coffee-to-water ratio. Using a ratio of 1:16 (one part coffee to sixteen parts water) is a typical place to start. Coffee grounds should be put in the filter.

Step 5) Set the timer and add a tiny quantity of water to the coffee bed to equally wet all the grounds (approximately twice the weight of the coffee grounds). It will help to “bloom” the coffee ensuring the release of trapped gases. Let it sit for 30 seconds.

Step 6) Now, gently pour in hot water in a circular motion, working outward from the center to ensure all of the coffee grounds are covered. To manage the extraction, keep the pour rate steady.

Step 7) Continue to pour water gently and carefully as it gets lower, keeping the level just over the coffee bed. Pouring should be finished in two to three minutes.

Step 8) Once all the water has passed through the coffee bed, let it drip until the dripper is almost empty, ensuring the coffee is fully extracted.

Step 9) Remove the dripper and discard the used coffee grounds and filter. 

Pour the coffee into the mug, and it is ready to serve!

Is Automatic Pour-over Better than Drip?

While automatic pour-over and traditional drip coffee makers produce great coffee, notable differences exist. The automatic pour-over machine is the latest technology that aims to mimic the manual pour-over process, offering more control over crucial variables like water temperature and flow rate. It produces more precise, consistent, and excellently flavored coffee than a drip method.

 I made a comparison table for you based on various models.

FactorsAutomatic Pour-overDrip Coffee Maker
PriceGenerally highIt varies from low to high
UsageEasy-to-use and convenientEasy-to-use and convenient
WorthOffers precise controlOffers simplicity
WasteCan produce wasteIt may need paper filters
Coffee to Water RatioCustomizableFixed
WorkingAutomates Pour-over ProcessWater Drips Through the Grounds
ExtractionSlow ExtractionFast Extraction
Flavor Profile Nuanced and FlavorfulGood
ProgrammabilityMultiple Options AvailableVery Limited
Temperature ControlAdjustableMachine-based
CapacityModerateLarger Options Available


The automatic pour-over coffee maker has been a compulsory need for a coffee lover. With its advanced technology, offered flavor, and consistency make it ideal for its users. That’s why i have selected some of the best machine that would help you making desired cup of coffee. My favorite one is Ninja CM401, DCM201CP and BUNN CSB2B while others are also popular brands that worked well for me. However, the selection depends on your preferences and choices, you can definitely choose what suits you. 

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